Hi, I'm Jon White. I'm a young independent filmmaker.

This is where I'm going to put my thoughts so they're safe.

Look after them please.

Getting Lucky in the Industy

Since I was 18, every summer Ive worked on at least one shoot. Now, for 3 years this was in Devon which although is a county committed to its local artists, its less evolved with media and film. There is a film making community though. I got involved in o

A trip out to the multiplex...

I remember being a kid, and going to the cinema was such a simpler time. Some of my first memories are from the multiplex, which at the time was Warner Village, about a mile from my house where I spent most of my childhood. As a tiny nipper I remember goi


It was exactly a year ago (well, it was a year on Friday - the 23rd August 2012) when I got my first work experience in the industry. Actually let’s roll it back a couple more months, May 2013 - I’ve mentioned it before in my blogs that straight after Uni

Why is it so darn difficult to make a film???

I suppose that this blog is something of a spiritual sequel to one I posted about a week ago, I also took a lot of inspiration after reading this postby Anderson West, and after catching up with one of my best friends from University after about a year, r

Here comes the bride.

So tomorrow I’m doing something which I never really wanted to do, and defintiely don’t plan on making a career out of… I’m filming a wedding! The beautiful occasion in question is actually that of one of filmannex’s very own; Anderson West (http://www.

A new iron in the fire.

No, this isn’t a blog about my height, it’s to celebrate the fact that I’ve decided I’m going to makeanother short film! It’s been over a year since I graduated from University, taking after some of the graduates who had come before me I was always adaman

One year in...

I feel like I’ve started writing a blog post on here time, and time, and time again - probably for the best part of a year. A year…it’s been almost exactly a year since I graduated from University, at the time it was the most terrifying, and most exhila

Decided to make a print of LeBron James’ career up to now.

Decided to make a print of LeBron James’ career up to now.


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